Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who's spicy? Emily Eris Band, that's who.

Open-mics in Austin, TX are as common as seeing a tan on a cast member of Jersey Shore. Or... someone running around Town Lake (aka Lady Bird) regardless of the 105 degree temperatures. Point being: they're common. The singer that pulled me away from playing with the ice in my empty vodka/tonic glass, however, is anything but common. 

While confidently standing barefooted at the mic on a makeshift stage, out came a slightly restricted folky-soulfulness that only a gal from the South could possess. Emily Eris crooned out a mere 3 original songs that night, and from then on... I was hooked. 

When I say slightly restricted, think of a levy almost on the verge of a breach; so much power threatening to overwhelm, yet it holds steady- That's Emily's voice. There's so much power, and so much control. If I had to liken her to any other artists, I'd say she'd be the immaculate child of Patty Griffin and Holly Williams (Granddaughter of legendary Hank Williams - Daughter of Hank Williams Jr.), and her life-lesson lyrics are just as inspiring. 

We're wanting to know more about this up and coming singer-songwriter, and we imagine that you are too, so we decided to ask Emily a few questions:

SEM: When did you first starting singing and playing guitar?

Emily: I've been singing since childhood and finally picked up the guitar at 17. I grew up in a very musical family. My grandfather spent time as a hobo during the Depression, playing blues music in juke joints across the South. He passed down the tradition of singing and playing guitar to the majority of his 8 sons and 2 grandsons (out of several grandchildren). Being too bashful to ask and no one showing the interest to teach a female to play, I borrowed my uncle's guitar and taught myself. Before long, I was jumping into the circle and blasting out my own versions of Jimmy Rodgers and Hank Williams songs. Before long, I started writing my own.

SEM: Do you play any other instruments? 

Emily: I don't play other instruments. Took piano lessons as a child, but didn't pursue it.

SEM: What is your most memorable gig and why?

Emily: Drove to Mississippi to put on a show for my Dad's cousin who is fighting cancer. My dad built a stage and invited all of our family and friends in the community. Joined by my very talented cousins, my band and I put on one hell of a show. I'll never forget it. 

SEM: When/where do you typically find inspiration to write? And, do you write lyrics or music first? 

Emily: I get inspired by my experiences in life, my relationships with other people, and my own inner struggles and feelings. I normally develop a melody first, but sometimes it happens all at once.

SEM: How do you define success in the music industry? 

Emily: I think that when an artist's music is able to make people groove, think, reminisce, and become inspired, he or she has accomplished a great thing. 

SEM: What is one band/ artist that you listen to that would surprise people should they find out?

Emily: Peggy Lee--a lot of people are surprised that I love big band, jazz, and crooners. 

SEM: Why do you perform? 

Emily: I perform because I've been told so many times that I should do it. I finally took people's word for it. Turns out I freakin' love it. 

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With so many artists to listen to, we at Spicy Evolution Music hope you'll take the time to check out Emily Eris and her band ( Jeremy Holmsley and Will Hoback) at one of her up coming shows:

Sept 9th - Rusty's 9pm
Sept 10th Lipstick24 - OUTlander Fall Festival - Time: TBA

Emily may be a "newbie" in the Austin music scene, but in our opinion, she'll be climbing the ranks quickly and confidently with talent and skill that will not only entertain but will inspire her fellow musicians for hopefully a very long time.  - A.T. Geiger for Spicy Evolution Music

Join her fan club/mailing list at

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Once-a-month music review

As many of you know, I've taken a completely different approach to booking and event management compared to other entertainment companies. Since I myself have been a professional musician off and on for over 15 years, and have been on the business side of things for nearly as long, I choose to partner up with an unlimited number of musicians in just as many genres.

I'm a musician by nature and a businesswoman by well... necessity. It's part of the job. Since I'm fortunate enough to work with some really fantastic venues in Austin, I work hard to bring to them the best in live music.

I work to maintain a great relationship with both venue owners AND musicians. Musicians, I'm an advocate for you. Trust me, I know what it's like to play a show for just the bar staff and walk away with less money then you walked in with. I also know what it's like to rock a crowd of 8,000 and savor the scent of your own sweaty funk after a show because you worked hard for it.

I'm also an advocate for venues. They provide a place for great musicians to play, so the musicians need to BRING IT. Every time... all the time.

"Who's Spicy?" is going to be highlighting those artists that are HOT. They may be well-known, they may not be, but they will all be local. Austin, TX is my home and making a change in the music industry is going to start right here.

I hope to be exposed to even more music than I already am with Spicy Evolution Music. I hope to get into the skulls of artists and find out what drives them. I hope you'll enjoy the read....

Stay Tuned.